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Thank you for your interest in purchasing an image from The Lampshade Project. Images from this series are available as archival pigment prints in three sizes:

12” x 18” (edition of 20, plus 2 Artist Proofs)

20” x 30” (edition of 6, plus 2 Artist Proofs)

40” x 60” (edition of 3, plus 2 Artist Proofs)

Prices in this series start at $500 for 12” x 18” prints and go up as the edition sells. For 20” x 30” prices start at $2500 and go up as the edition sells. For 40” x 60” prints, the starting price is $5000 and goes up as the edition sells.

To purchase an image in The Lampshade Project, contact:

Guthrie Contemporary
3815 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
phone 504.897.2688